Used Tractors For Sale

Used Tractors For Sale – Pick The Right One Using These Tips

Due to the cost of a brand new tractor, many people opt for saving a considerable amount of money by purchasing a used tractor instead. Getting the right used tractor means you don’t sacrifice quality and you have a dependable, hard-working machine. So how do people go about making sure they buy good used tractors for sale?

Purpose Of Tractor

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When deciding to buy a used tractor, you’re going to want to determine the purpose of the tractor, which means what your’e going to use it for. Perhaps your property isn’t all that large, and you’re going to do some light farming or hauling, or maybe you have a larger property and are going to do some plowing and heavy farming. What you plan on doing with the tractor can help determine the size and type of tractor you purchase.

Hour Meter

When buying used tractors for sale in pa or any other heavy agricultural area, if you know anything about tractors, you’re probably going to check out the tachometer right away.  Get the reading on the hour meter first, right? While this is a good thing to look at of course, you need to be aware that they can be changed just like a car’s odometer can be changed. That being said, just realize that while it’s a good reference point, the number should be taken lightly.

When you are taking the reading of the hour meter into consideration, you need to know what the numbers mean. For example, if you’re buying a used tractor that has over 40,000 hours logged, you need to be aware that this means that tractor has been worked heavily. And, when wanting to get that tractor that is almost new but still comes with that used tractor discount, you’re looking for a number between 2,000 and 2,500 on the hour meter.

The Inspection

Of course, every used tractor needs to go through an inspection. You can choose to do the inspection yourself if you know enough about tractors, but it’s always best to leave it to a professional shop. What should be inspected?

The wiring is one thing that you want to check for with a tractor to make sure all electrical components are going to be working just fine. Just like with a used vehicle, you want to have the tractor checked for leaks of any kind as well. Make sure you test drive that baby, too!

The Tires

used tractors for saleTractor tires are important because they can be quite expensive and need to be in good condition on a used tractor. Make sure you identify signs of wear on the tires. Also, check the steering, hydraulics and brakes, and take note of the overall appearance of the tractor, whether it’s clean or not.

When looking at used tractors for sale, you can start online as you narrow down which tractors meet your criteria, but the inspection is crucial to your decision. Don’t take shortcuts, and make sure that you know that the tractor you buy is going to handle its workload.

Used Farm Equipment

Used Farm Equipment For Sale-Buying Only The Best

Things to consider when buying used farm equipment

You shouldn’t skimp when it comes to doing research on used farm equipment for sale. Otherwise, you could get taken advantage of and end up with a piece of machinery that doesn’t operate properly or breaks down quickly. Find out how to weigh your options and how to get the best deals here.

If a deal seems like it’s extremely good, be skeptical of it.

Unless this person is a good friend offering you the deal, you probably will want to inspect the equipment before you let any money change hands. Sometimes sellers will have an issue they won’t tell you about with what they are selling to you. If you do find there to be something wrong with the equipment but the person didn’t tell you about it, they shouldn’t be worked with or trusted.

used farm equipment

Equipment that you buy used needs to be fixed up a little if there were any problems before you put it through some hard work. Farms take a lot out of equipment, and so if the machinery is used it may be a good idea to get a mechanic to look at it for you before you trust in putting it through the motions. At least know that if there is any stuttering or you can’t get it to work the right way that it’s not safe for you to be using the equipment until you get a professional opinion on the matter.

Trade In Unwanted Used Farm Equipment

Many times you can trade in some of your older equipment to help pay for the used piece you want. If there is anything that you no longer need that is just taking up space, even if it doesn’t work properly you can get some money for it. People tend to need parts, for instance, so if any equipment has salvageable pieces to it you should sell them. You can also take things apart that are made of metals because you can then get paid by a company that trades scrap metal for cash.

Being able to afford any equipment if you are just starting out with farming or had a bad year can be tough. Think about if you can make enough money with what you want to buy before you do, and then you can consider getting on a payment plan. If you can make the money to pay for the equipment over a span of a few months with what you can do with it, then it may be worth investing in. If it’s just going to cost you each month without recouping your money, it is not a smart idea if you wish to remain in business.

Now you have the scoop on what to look for when looking at used farm equipment for sale.  Don’t get suckered into buying something that doesn’t work properly just because it’s a good price. After you put this advice to work for you, it will get you only the best in equipment for prices that are more than fair.

Farm Machinery

Farm Machinery-Is It Worth The Investment?

Anyone with a farm stands to benefit from investing in farm machinery. The truth of the matter is production will go up, and so will your income. How do you know what you can invest your money in? Get more details here so you can make a smart purchasing decision.

Do The Research!used farm equipment research

Begin by researching what the various machines are capable of. Online, there are many websites you can look to for reviews of each particular model if you wish to know what others have experienced. Sometimes you may have questions that people haven’t answered in their overviews of different machinery, so contacting the manufacturer if possible may be a good idea. Whatever you do, don’t buy something without putting in your research or else it could turn out to be an investment that doesn’t work and you regret.

Whether you are looking for used farm equipment in PA or any other state, it is important to have someone who is familiar with what you are buying, come with you to check over anything you are buying used. If you have no mechanical experience, or don’t know anyone that can help, hire a mechanic that can check over it. Having an inspection done is worth the money because then you won’t be at risk for getting something that doesn’t run properly or will break down on you after just a few times of being used. If there are fixable problems, find out how much they cost to take care of and see if the seller will come down that much on the price.  Be sure to find a good insurance company to protect you.  Beware of companies like Bagnall Shaw Insurance, Lancaster PA.

Will you be able to afford the different machines that you want to use for your farm work? If this isn’t possible, there may be some payment plans you can work with where you have to pay a little in interest but get to use the machinery as you pay it off. If this is the way you go, see if there are any ways for you to make this cheaper such as with a larger down payment. You may also be able to pay more than you owe each month to get the interest costs to go down.

Be safe no matter what you do, because the various machinery is very dangerous to use. Don’t let anyone use anything without the proper training and make sure everyone is equipped with the right safety gear on your farm. It may seem like it’s not a big deal to ignore your safety, but if you were to get hurt and it took people a while to find you, it could mean the end of your life. Go over the instructions and learn about the common injuries farmers face with their various machines to know how to be cautious.

used farm tractors
Unfortunately, many farmers have been injured by not taking the necessary precautions to be safe.

Farm machinery is something you will want to be well versed in if you have a farm.  While at this point you may have a small scale operation, it’s good to learn exactly what it takes to get machinery if you wish to do more faster. You’ll be surprised with how advanced and affordable the options are.

Used Agricultural Equipment

Three Great Ways To Find Good Deals On Used Agricultural Equipment

With the constant demand for tractors worldwide, due to the increasing need to grow more food, tractors and other agricultural equipment can be hard to come by at reasonable prices. There are always foreign buyers shipping all the used equipment they can find overseas, making it a sellers market. There are ways to get good deals, but you have to beat the pavement a little, be proactive. Here’s some good ideas for you to consider.

Keep Networking Among Farmers And Their FriendsFarmers and Used Combines

When a farmer buys a new combine, many times his old combine is sold directly to a neighbor, friend, or relative that’s also in the business. If you are looking for used combines for sale, if you keep asking around you’ll usually find out there’s a guy down around the corner that hasn’t used his tractor, or other equipment in quite some time, maybe for health reasons, or he’s thinking of retiring. If you keep asking you’ll find plenty of these guys, some will want a fortune, but others might be willing to let some good equipment go for reasonable prices just to avoid the hassle of running ads.

There Are Used Farm Equipment Auctions

used farm tractors for sale

Auctions are a fairly common way for trucks, heavy equipment, and farm vehicles to be sold. Huge farms get repossessed after droughts or maybe deaths in the family, and the whole farm may go up for auction. The better prices can be had when the auction isn’t well publicized, or if it’s out of the way, or when it’s primarily construction equipment, the agricultural equipment may go cheap because very few farmers will show up. If you can haul the equipment, you can also go to auctions in depressed areas and get better prices as well, then haul the equipment back home to your state.

The Internet Has Become A Good Place To Look

However, when it comes to farm equipment the local guy that can talk individually to the owners has the advantage. When you’re looking on the internet there could be buyers from South America, India, or Africa all looking at the same machinery as you. However, it’s easy to search the internet, there are plenty of dealers online, and you can do most of your looking from home, so give it a try. Of course, always deal with reputable dealers and people online, never send large deposits without doing a good background check and reading reviews of the seller.

There’s Still Classifieds, And They Can Be An Excellent Source

used agricultural equipment in classifieds

Any small grocery store or gas station in farm country will have the old style free classified papers and bulletin boards at the front of the store. These can be some of the best places to look because they’re usually quite local, so there’s less competition, and you can call the guy and be at his farm in just a few minutes. In this case you don’t need to worry about foreign competition, or the stress of an auction, and you can deal directly with the owner, face to face.

Finding good deals on agricultural and farm equipment isn’t all that difficult if you don’t mind getting out and talking to people. Farm owners are usually quite friendly and willing to give you a good price if they like you and think you’ll take good care of their used tractor or other machinery.

Farm Equipment Auctions

Farm Equipment Auction7 Tips For Scoring Great Deals In Farm Equipment Auctions

Finding good equipment at affordable prices is one of the classic challenges every farmer has to deal with. If you want to get the machines you need at fair prices, farm equipment auctions can be an extremely valuable resource. In order to get great deals, you should keep these seven auction strategies in mind.

* Master The Terminology

Before you get into any auction, you should familiarize yourself with the special language spoken by auctioneers. Farm equipment auctions often move fast, and being unfamiliar with specialized terms can put you at a disadvantage. You should study up on the format and the rules governing a specific auction well in advance.

* Consider All The Options

While traditional farm equipment auctions offer you a good blend of familiar equipment and trustworthy sellers, they’re not always the best place to secure the best prices. You may find better deals through online auctions, consignment sales, or dealer auctions. Don’t be afraid to investigate these alternatives! With the high cost of good machinery, saving even a few percent on the equipment you need can put a great deal of money back in your pocket. If you are shopping for used tractors for sale, there is a wide range of options to consider.

used farm equipment

* Shop At The Right Time

There’s an unmistakeable ebb and flow to prices on used farm equipment, and it affects auctions as well as ordinary vendors. Prices are typically at their highest at the start and the end of a given year, with the second financial quarter typically offering the best deals. Avoid auctions in the first and fourth quarters unless your need for fresh equipment is absolutely vital.

* Fix Values Before The Auction Starts

Live auctions are fun and exciting. These attributes also make them risky. You don’t want to get swept up in the moment and lose your head! You should carefully study the equipment being auctioned ahead of time to learn as much as possible about the lots you’re interested in. Assess their condition and your available funds and set a specific price that you’re willing to pay for the equipment. If you go into the auction with a solid figure for the value of a given machine, you’re less likely to overpay impulsively.

* Take Steps To Protect Yourself FinanciallyPayment for Used Farm Equipment

If you do end up bidding in auction where you aren’t familiar with the sellers, it’s in your best interest to minimize your risk. Take advantage of escrow services to ensure that you’re actually getting what you pay for. Commercial escrow does cost money, but it can protect you from much larger losses.

* Aim For The Ideal Age On Used Equipment

Given the durability and value of modern farm equipment, many of the machines that wind up at auction have plenty of useful life left in them. You should target equipment that still offers a good balance between affordability and durability. This can vary with different types of gear, but a good rule of thumb is to look for machines that are at least three but no more than eight years old.

* Mind The Electronics

Even though electronic aids have been showing up on farm machines for decades now, a lot of buyers neglect the significant influence they can have on a piece of machinery’s overall value. If at all possible, you should check out touchscreens, electronic controls, and GPS systems before deciding to bid on a machine. Overhauling electronics can be an expensive proposition, and it may be absolutely necessary to get the equipment in working order.

Scoring great deals on the equipment you need can take a lot of the financial strain out of farming. If you give the matter the attention it deserves, you’ll definitely be able to minimize your costs and find the equipment you need at prices that will keep your bank balance healthy.